Monday, September 20, 2010

Holy- Pajamas!

Yes, it is I, Johanna, returned from Blogging Death! The last time I posted we were about to move from one house to ck in June!!! Well, the move was successful and I think we are just about settled in (3 months later). I know that I am a blogging-slacker, but in my defense, I have been quite a busy little bee! First off, the Morrow's had a busy summer, filled with river trips, weddings, bar-b-ques, and baseball games! Back in May I made the decided to join Junior League, something that I have had the heart to do for years now, with the mind-set that I needed to "fill my time". Well, come to find out...I have now filled and over-filled my time! In August, my boss(where I have been working 10 hrs/week) for the past 2 years, offered me the job as Director again, yet on my terms (part-time hours that I was able to set). Bueno, right? Well, let's just say that this Mama didn't realize how spoiled I truly was! Starting back it was a little rough, but I think now I have (most of) the kinks worked out! However, I am embarking on a very busy couple of months with working late 3 nights week (til the end of Sept), volunteering and consigning for 2 different sales (Dittos and My Sister's House), working my Jr. League auction and decorations shifts, as well as our Christmas Carousel, attending these events, my big 30th birthday party (Toga),tutoring, and still trying to spend quality time with my little bug...and CJ too! Oh, and did I mentioned the holidays coming up? Whew! Well, I guess that just about sums it up for now...hopefully I will get back with you all to let you know if I survive it all!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yes, folks! I am blogging about something! I check this everyday and just see what everyone else is up to, but I haven't blogged myself in months! Anyhow, we have a lot of crazy stuff going on right now! We have officially sold our house after only having it on the market for about 3 1/2 weeks! Take that, market! We have been eying some new houses in a small subdivision but just happened upon an open house a few weeks ago and were SOLD on a house (at the top of our range, of course). With me still now working (but trying) we weren't sure we wanted to get into that much right now. We looked into some options (renting, etc) but decided to go look at the house one more time. Well folks....we are making an offer today! Hopefully she will accept our first offer, but if not, we are prepared to counter. Regardless of what we may have to sacrifice, this house is just a MUST HAVE to us! It isn't brand new (only 6 years old) but it is in a great area, gated community with a neighborhood association and it's own pool and playground. Plus, for the money, we are getting more house, a landscaped yard, and all of the other extras! Please pray for us in this exciting (and scary) time for us!
But for now....
Good-bye 941 Grand Ave

Hello 510 Lone Star Dr! (Hopefully)...

Monday, March 15, 2010

De-Pacifing = STRESS!!!

Ok, so I havent blogged in a while, and I dont have any cute pictures with this post, but I need to vent! C.J. and I have been talking since Jillian started taking a pacifier (around 6 months) that we would try to have her "off" of it by 2. Well, she is 2 and still takes it....pretty regularly. I had sort of broken her from it during the day back in January but then she got a bladder infection and all of that work went right down the drain. Well, she is on Spring Break this week, meaning I am with her at home all day, each day, instead of her going to school twice this week, so I decided that it would be a good chance to try again. AGHHHHHH! We made it through the morning but it was ROUGH. She would be playing fine and then just start screaming and begging for it. We went through fits likes this with her kicking me (or trying to) and throwing herself on the floor. I even had to shut her door a few times just to "get the point" across. I dont mind if she takes it at nap or bedtime (or even long car rides) but she just really needs to break the habit during the day. Any other suggestions? I have had some people tell me that they just threw their children's out or told them that they would have to "trade" it for something. Help. Hopefully, this can be somewhat quick and painless. Hmmmm.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And I am back again...

Okay, so I haven't blogged since HALLOWEEN!! But, with Facebook, I just upload and go, so I have been slacking a little on the blogging (mainly because I am too lazy to write stories with my pictures and such). Anyhow, I will, I promise, make an honest effort to remain steady this time. We'll see. Also, seeing that C.J. is up in South Dakota for another week, and I generally have my evenings free, I shouldn't have any excuses as to why I can't get a picture or 2 up, right?
So, because I really don't that it is possible nor necessary for me to try to cram in the last 3 months of photos and stories, I thought that I might just share a few good ones! So, here goes.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Jillian and C.J. Natural, adorable, and unforgettable. They love to bake together! Just precious.

"I can't put my arms down". Classic.

Jillian, doing what she LOVES to do most now, cooking in her kitchen and then serving all of her delicious entrees to her parents!

Memaw with her Four Great Loves!

Here is Jillian "helping" her Papa pick up pecans and rake leaves.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Okay, so I haven't uploaded any of this year's actual Halloween footage yet, (wanting to wait until after tonight so I can do them all at once) but I did think it would be cute to post a couple of Jillian's "costumes" that she wears around the house...ALL THE TIME! This kid is OBSESSED with dress-up and jewelery! What a little girl. Can't imagine where she gets it from? (hee hee). Anyhow, enjoy my little diva!

Mommy's little flutter-by!

"Start wearing purple, wearing purple..."

What a sassy little cheerleader!

I am "Berry" cute!

Okay, so this one isn't really a costume, but she is in Halloween fashion and just too cute!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, I guess since it has been a month since my last entry, it is time, once again, for me to bless you all with another! :) That darn Face Book just makes it too easy to update and post my random thoughts, causing me to almost completely abandon Blogger! Anyhow, thought you might enjoy seeing a few random pics of my goofy daughter doing what she loves to do lately...dress up in and play with my panties (mainly my thongs)! Also, notice the "cheese face" that Jillian is still sporting. I will cherish the day that she will take a "normal" smiling picture again! Enjoy!
P.S-Erin, my panties are no way near as colorful as yours! :)

Victoria's Secret doesn't have anything on me!

"Mommy, do these match my jammies?"

A "close-up" of how she is wearing them..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Days

I know, I know! Jillian has been in school 3 weeks now and I am just now posting pictures from her first day! Aghh! And I am even at home most of the time. Now that is what I call procrastination! Anyhow, the first day, oddly, has been the best (as far as dropping her off). Ever since the first day she has thrown a blood-curdling fit, sometimes even before we leave the house (like this past Thursday). There was one day that she really didn't feel well, so I picked her up, but the others she is just being a regular old fit-throwing toddler! Once she is there and gets into the "groove" of things (singing, playing, art, etc) she does great and her teachers tell me how much fun she is having! Little stinker. It's just a new thing for us since she has never been like this until recently. I know that part of it is her age and the fact that the only people we usually left her with in the past were her babysitter since 5 months or her granparents. Oh, well! I have started just hugging her, kissing her, telling her I love her and that I will be back soon, and then leaving. Just like pulling off a band-aide!

All dressed up and ready for school! (Don't you just love her coordinating backpack?)

My little cheeser!

Jillian settling in and exploring the play kitchen in her classroom.